Simplicity FURLER REG.
Guaranteed as long as you own your boat!


What you should know about the Simplicity furler


Simplicity is a high quality reefing furler that was design for a long life on your sail boat. Made from white baked painted aluminium, stainless steel rigging, nylatron bushing (mix of nylon, for smooth surface finish, teflon for durabillity and grafite for auto lubrification).

  • an important safety device for single sailor

  • no forestay modification requested

  • no bearing or spring

  • has it’s own halyard

  • you buy direct from manufacturer

  • virtually unseizable

  • sail slug

  • sold complete even with (deck pulley and cleat)

Your first and last furler!

I sailed too long without a furler.

March 19th, 2009 14:38:43